Faith Formation

Please contact Beth Enos, Kathy Morgan, or Martha Zayas at the Parish Office for more information at (407) 293-0730

Tuesday- Friday from  8:30 am to 5:00 pm for more information.   Thank you!


Baptism  Preparation to baptize your child begins with an interview and includes two classes. We encourage you to participate in the preparation process before the birth of your child. First Confession and First Communion  This program requires 2 years of basic faith formation before preparing to celebrate these 2 sacraments. Children prepare and receive their first Confession and first Communion when they are 7 years old and/or in the 2nd grade. These celebrations will be postponed until later if the child has not first completed the required basic faith formation.

Confirmation At St. Andrew Confirmation preparation is for those students who are in 8th grade and above (this program has a component for adults who have never been confirmed in the Catholic faith). This program also requires prior basic faith formation.

Wedding Preparation Couples interested in getting married in the Church should contact the pastor at the parish office 6 months in advance in order to have the necessary paperwork completed on time.

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